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Package Waste Water Treatment:

Attention to Detail and Site Specific

The AWT Packaged Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) was developed to meet the demands of smaller or isolated communities for the complete purification of domestic sewage to a degree allowing discharge to local water courses, irrigation and reuse.

Potable Water Treatment:

Blue Drop (SANS 241)

AWT offers a water consulting service whereby we will assist, recommend and advise on your water application. We offer both modular as well as full water purification systems and can offer consultations on both. Our consultations will include the identification of water problems and categorizing of water quality, a study of the volumes required or utilized in the current system, and we will offer outcome based analyses of your system so that you are able to save money, time and hassle from your quality based solution.


Turnkey Solutions

We strive to provide our clients with quick and professional services no matter what their plumbing and drainage requirements and complete all work according to national and local bylaws.
We pride ourselves on excellent service. You can be guaranteed that with Amatheia Plumbing division, your plumbing work is always completed timeously, neatly and to the highest standard.

Being a small business unit, every one of our customers is important to us and we are able to ensure that you feel valued. We understand that everyone’s plumbing needs may differ and that is why we constantly endeavor to provide a specialized service at the most reasonable price.

Solar Energy:

Green Energy

Our company focuses on supplying alternative energy solutions to the public to help deal with the energy crisis in South Africa, with our main focus on inverters with battery banks and solar panels.


We pride ourselves on supplying quality solutions and products at competitive prices.

As direct importers we can offer our customers competitive pricing, no middle men, quality products and the latest technology to suit each customer’s needs.

We offer technical support and design for single phase and 3 phase applications from our supplier trained personnel.

We strive for customer service, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We are a growing business with ever increasing product range, endeavoring to stay ahead of the pack.


·         To provide customers with alternative energy sources.

·         To reduce reliance on the national energy provider.

·         To reduce electricity bills.

·         To provide access to free green energy.